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3 Tips to Cleaning Your Fridge

1. Prepare the Basic Cleaning Essentials.

Be prepared to clean your fridge by having gloves, sponge/cloth, warm water, vinegar and baking soda ready. This will eliminate the need to procrastinate since supplies are readily available. Also, scheduling the time to clean your fridge will hold you accountable to completing the task.

2. Remove Everything.

Remove everything from your shelves and drawers. This may take a little bit of time but it will give you a chance to throw out anything expired and re-organize your fridge. This is also your chance to change your dietary habits to a healthier one.

3. Start Wiping and Scrubbing.

Fill a bucket with warm water, take your sponge/cloth and start wiping the shelves and inside surfaces of your fridge. Optional: Use 1 part vinegar, 1 part water to eliminate bacteria. Afterwards, use a small amount of baking soda with tiny amount of water to create a paste and apply it on for 15-30 minutes to remove any tough stains. The baking soda breaks down the particles and absorbs odor.

Lastly, don’t forget to clean the exterior!

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The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Office

There is a lot of things that need to be cleaned at the office. Tasks such as cleaning the public washroom, vacuuming the hallway carpet, trash removal from each cubicle, or remove dust from your desk. Hiring a professional cleaner makes your life easier and actually saves you money and time. Here are a few benefits to why you should think to hire a cleaning team for your business.

Professional cleaners bring their own cleaning supplies such as vacuum cleaner, mope, and cleaning solutions. Your office doesn’t need a designated space for heavy cleaning equipment nor do you need to invest in one. On top of bringing their supplies, they know how to clean efficiently and in a timely manner. Professional cleaners are trained properly on sanitizing your work area.

It is cost-effective to bring in a professional team than redirect the employee’s time from their job. A thorough clean work environment reduces the cost of employee sick day and boost productivity. And let’s be honest, the professionals will spend less time doing an excellent job than you will anyway. Daily cleaning at the office will reduce costs of having to replace carpets and furnishings by extending fabric life.

Lastly, most cleaning companies are affordable. If you are small business, you can get a cleaning team once a week for a few hours that wouldn’t make a dent in your pocket. A bigger business with more employees would definitely need a cleaner coming in several times a week. A good rule of thumb is the more employees sharing a common space, the greater the need for the cleaners to come in.

In conclusion, leave it to the professional cleaners while you prepare for your next business meeting.


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