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Last Minute Bathroom Clean

Remember to wash your hands and use gloves before starting.

  1. Mirror

Remove any noticeable stain on the mirror by soaking rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad and dabbing the stain. Continue to scrub till the stain is removed. Spray the mirror with glass cleaner, fold your microfiber cloth in half and wipe the mirror from top to bottom in a zig zag motion.

Supplies needed: glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, cotton pad and microfiber cloth

  1. Sink

Wipe any hair off the sink with paper towels and throw away in the trash. For toothpaste scrum, add a little bit of water to the scrubber and go over the area. Finally, spray your sink area with all-purpose cleaner and either wipe with paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Supplies needed: all-purpose cleaner, scrubber, paper towel or microfiber cloth

  1. Toilet

Apply toilet cleaner to the bowl and scrub using the toilet bowl brush. Next, spray the exterior of the toilet with all-purpose disinfectant and clean with paper towel. Option: disinfectant wipes are great to use and easy to throw out.

Supplies needed: toilet  bowl brush, toilet bowl cleaner, all-purpose disinfectant and paper towel

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Cleaning for the Holidays (Part II)

Remove Dust from Wall and Baseboard

Removing dust from your wall and baseboard is important when adding Christmas decorations and lights around your home. A good option is to fill a bucket with water with a little bit of dish soap and wipe the walls and baseboard. For hard to reach areas on the walls, the easiest method is to get a microfiber cloth with an extension and use as if you were wiping the floors with a mope.

Tidy up Your Staircase

Looping your staircase with Christmas garland is a nice holiday touch to the season. Before you can start ornamenting the staircase, start vacuuming from the top of the step all the way to the bottom. For non-carpet stairs, you will need to mope after vacuuming. To remove dust, you can either use a dust broom or microfiber cloth.

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How to Clean Granite Countertop

Unlike stovetops, exposing granite to acidic chemicals damages countertop. Minerals that makes up granite is porous, it may not be as impenetrable as stainless steel but granite is very easy to clean and maintain. Putting a seal on top of granite countertop keeps it shiny and eliminates bacteria from seeping into its surface.  Maintaining a granite countertop can be easy with these 3 steps:

  1. Get a paper towel or dish cloth with water and wipe down the countertop. You can use gentle dish soap as well.
  2. Once your counter is wiped, use a microfiber cloth to dry it and prevent streaks
  3. To shine and disinfect the counter, make a 50:50 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol and allow the solution to sit for 3-5 minutes. You will dry the surface again with a microfiber cloth.

Using harsh cleaners such as lemon juice, bleach or vinegar will damage the granite stone by breaking its seal. If the sealant wears off, the countertop will be susceptible to staining and discolouration. Another tip is not to use abrasive cleaners or heavy-duty scrubs because it will be too harsh and break the sealed granite. Overall, maintaining your granite countertop is easy and you can save money by not having to re-seal the surface as often.



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