Tips to Cleaning your Washing Machine

1. Use the self-clean button

The latest washing machines usually have a self-clean button in which you can press and go. Self clean is a self-cleaning cycle that removes mold and dirt from the drum. Detergent and cleaning product is not necessary, just press the button and it does the work. This method is the easiest way to clean your washing machine if you have the latest model. It is recommended that you use this function every 20 washes or when you smell odor.

2. Vacuuming

If you have a pet that sheds or long hair around the house, you’re going to find them in your washer after running several loads. Leave the door open to dry out the washer and pick out any noticeable clumps of hair and fur with your hands. Once you have removed all the clumps, vacuum any hair and dirt out.

3. Scrub the seal

The rubber seal around the door will be the dirtiest part of your washing machine. Moisture collects there, which creates the environment for breeding mold. Use a vinegar/baking solution and sponge to thoroughly scrub and clean the area.

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