3 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Bed Sheets Every 2 Weeks

The bed is a wonderful place that can get ugly really fast. People spend a large chunk of their day getting 8 hours of sleep and forget that there are a few reasons why you should clean your bed sheets every 2 weeks.

Item #1: Sweat

It is natural for the human body to sweat while sleeping in the middle of the night and a buildup of sweat can leave a nasty stain and an unpleasant smell on your bed. If you find that there is excessive sweating, a good solution would be to set an optimal temperature on your thermostat and look into cooling gel memory foam pillows. If that doesn’t do the trick, it could be due to your mattress which you can easily replace.

Item #2: Food

Let’s be honest, some of you find that eating in bed is comforting. It’s nice to sit on the bed with a slice of pizza while watching a movie. Unfortunately, food on the bed can leave crumbs and these crumbs attract bed bugs. Other than being a nuisance, studies have shown that bed bugs might be able to host and transmit Chagas Disease (chronic heart disease).

Item #3: Dust Mites and Germs

Dust Mites are microscopic organisms that feed off our dead skin cells. Contagious germs from body fluids and dropping such as E.coli can attract dust mites and infect the person sleeping next to you. It is inevitable that you will shed off dead skin cells while sleeping and if you do not maintain your sleeping area you could be putting yourself at risk of infections and viruses such as pneumonia.

Overall: the proper way to clean your bed sheets and pillow cases is to wash it at a temperature of 60 degrees. It’s really that simple and easy to keep your bed clean for your next wonderful dream.

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