3 Cleaning Supplies to Keep in Each Room of Your Home

Cleaning each room can be difficult sometimes and no one likes spending time to clean. On top of that, there are more important priorities than cleaning. Cleaning and organizing one room may be manageable for the average working person but realistically there are more than one room at home that needs cleaning. These 3 cleaning supplies will help you manage each room.

Tip #1: Spray Bottle with Solution

Start with finding a simple spray bottle that’s neither bulky nor heavy. Keep the spray bottle in each room be it your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or dining room. Keep it where you can easily access it but away from children. The spray bottle is excellent for cleaning counter tops, tables and walls. The spray bottle is handy and you can always refill the bottle with a simple solution of vinegar, baking soda and water.

Tip #2: Cleaning Wipes

Picture this scenario: Sitting on your desk comfortably in your room, you see dust forming on your desk but the storage room is too far. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, cleaning wipes is a great solution for you. Having a compact container with wipes will leave you no excuse not to clean your desk. The cleaning wipes are also handy when cleaning spills and way easier than running to the nearest faucet for a wet paper towel.

Tip #3: Hand Sanitizer

Let’s admit it, we forget to wash our hands sometimes. Hand sanitizer may be the most important item you can put in each room of your home. You may not notice that touching keyboards, phone and desk can spread bacteria and make you and your loved ones sick. Hand sanitizers are great at decreasing the spread of most bacteria and viruses upon contact. This doesn’t mean that it should replace water and soap but having a bottle of hand sanitizer in each room is a great reminder of cleanliness.

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